Women Exercising

We're a community of strong, vibrant women who make friends and have fun while getting fit. Revitalize in the dynamic and supportive environment of The Women’s Club, Missoula's full-service gym for women only!

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Quick workouts in a strong community

Too busy to exercise? Bored with all those You Tubes? Enjoy no waiting for machines and 300+ classes to fit your full schedule.


your time

your workout

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Let loose and discover your strength

Whether you're returning to fitness or just now finding your groove, you'll find everything you need to get and stay fit. From our Queenax Functional Training System, to two gyms packed full of equipment, to instructors who teach at all levels of fitness.



just as you are

Call (406) 728-4410 Email twc@thewomensclub.com

Move how YOUR body wants to move

We celebrate all sizes, shapes, and abilities! From robust workouts in our saline pool to yoga formats at all levels of fitness, we welcome you right where you're at today.


healthy and strong

for a lifetime

Call (406) 728-4410 Email twc@thewomensclub.com

What members say...

"Sometimes I want to crush it; other days I head straight for the sauna. It's easy to find time when there are so many options."
— Julie, 24

"This place understands what's important to women. With so many classes, I can find a workout that fits where I'm at any day."
— Marsha, 32

"Working with a trainer helped me find the strength I needed to get back outdoors."
— Hilda, 78