TWC Women Enjoying a Cycling ClassGroup Exercise at The Women's Club Health and Fitness Center, Missoula

Sweat it out in Zumba, Cycling, Oula, Mat Pilates and more.  With over 350 classes every month, members enjoy a variety of options to get their best workout in every time.

We believe that variety creates motivation and reduces the risk of injury. That is why we offer a great selection of group exercise classes. With motivating instructors, lively music and a group of enthusiastic participants, you can feel and look your best with more energy, strength and confidence. Class schedule includes high/lo aerobics, The Lift, step class, Zumba, NIA, cycling, and more.

Barre-Less - This class works primarily muscle endurance and engages the entire body using ballet and Pilates inspired moves. We blend muscle conditioning using hand weights and body weight and will challenge your core through balance and stability.

Boot Camp – This early morning workout is filled with athletic drills, strength training moves and high intensity intervals.

Cycling - This indoor cycling workout is full of calorie-burning hill climbs & stamina-building intervals. Leave class fitter, leaner & stronger. Bring a water bottle and a towel.  Cycling shorts and shoes will help your comfort level, but are not required.

Gentle Strength & Conditioning - A dynamic program set at the gentler, slower pace.  Gain energy, prevent falls, maintain bone density & have fun.  Cardio, strength training, and stretching are all included. 

Gentle Dance Fit - Perfect for those who want a dance-based cardio workout that is high-energy and low impact.

Jazzercise Lite Dance Mixx - Be fierce with this fat-burning cardio and strength workout. Build balance and flexibility, tone your whole body and charge up your metabolism with pulse-pounding beats, modified movements and intensity for all fitness levels.

Kick & Core - This high-intensity cardio workout will include no-contact kickboxing choreography along with resistance training geared to make your core functionally stronger.

Mat Pilates – A core strengthening class that incorporates stability balls, rings and your own body weight as resistance.

NIA – Kick off your shoes and experience the joy of movement and dance! Nia uses functional movement patterns that raise the heart rate, tone the body & lift the spirit.

Oula- A high-energy, dance-based exercise class using motivating Top 40’s music. Exercise free of judgment in this fun, exhilarating workout.  Oula is Missoula’s own “dancemania” for your soul!

Oula Power - A 45 minute conditioning class that works your whole body. Using only your own body resistance, this workout combines powerful, high-intensity movements set to inspiring music.

PiYo-- This is an intense, fast-moving workout that will increase your heart-rate and build overall strength with a fusion of vigorous movements inspired by Yoga and Pilates.

R.I.P.P.E.D - (Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics and Endurance). This total body, high-intensity program uses free weights and body resistance.  Choreographed to inspiring music.

Total Body Conditioning – This class combines high-intensity intervals, body resistance and equipment to work your entire body. Rev up your metabolism and get stronger in this challenging yet easy-to-follow workout.This class combines high-intensity intervals, body resistance and equipment to work your entire body. Rev up your metabolism and get stronger in this challenging yet easy-to-follow workout.

THE LIFT - An intense whole body workout with a strong focus on challenging both strength and stability. Using weights and a variety of equipment, this class will make you stronger from head to toe.

Zumba – This dance-based fitness class fuses Latin rhythms with other energetic music creating a dynamic fitness experience.

Zumba Toning - All the music, energy and choreography you love about Zumba.  Using high-repetition movements with lighter weights to make you stronger and healthier.

Please arrive on time; failure to warm-up can result in injury.
Let your instructor know if you are new to the class.
Scheduled classes may be canceled or suspended depending on holiday schedules and attendance

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