Serendipity Spa Staff at The Women's Club Health and Fitness Center, Missoula

Serendipity Spa Staff at The Women's Club Health and Fitness Center, Missoula"The warm, caring women at Serendipity Spa inside TWC make The Women's Club not just the best gym in Missoula, but a haven of respite and renewal."

-- Monica, member since 1992

Massage Therapists and Manicurists are here at The Women's Club to pamper and serve you.  The Women's Club is Missoula's premiere fitness facility and full service gym for women only.  Offering Zumba, Oula, TRX, Yoga, R.I.P.P.E.D., cycling studio, water aerobics, Pilates, personal training, pool, hot tub, sauna, massage, manicures, and pedicures.

Dawn Costello, Nail Tech at Missoula's Best Gym, The Women's Club

Dawn Costello
Dawn is a licensed Nail Tech and Massage Therapist.  Her fitness philosophy:  stay active and always eat healthy.  Dawn also enjoys cooking and eating her own food.

 Laura Dever, Outreach and Massage Therapist at the Best Gym in Missoula, The Women's Club Laura Dever
Bio pending... 
Carla Green, Massage Therapist, The Women's Club Health and Fitness Center, Missoula Carla Green

Carla has been a practicing massage therapist for over fifteen years and is certified in many modalities, including Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and Crania sacral.  She believes in the power of movement and the intimate connection between healthy food and our bodies.  When she’s away from the Club, Carla plays in three bands (bluegrass, rock, and jazz).  She also enjoys mountain biking in the summer.

Linda Grinde, Massage Therapist at The Women's Club Health and Fitness Center, Missoula Linda Grinde
Linda is a Certified Brain Gym Instructor and Reiki Practitioner with 26 years in the field of Educational Kinesiology.  Fitness is her lifelong enterprise, and she enjoys finding new activities to keep things interesting.  In her spare time, Linda directs plays and helps develop scripts.
Sylvia Roberts
Sylvia received her Massage Therapy Certification, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification, and a BA in Elementary Education.  She sees personal fitness as ever changing; a process in flux and influenced by life and how we choose to live it.  When she’s not soothing tired and sore muscles at the Club, Sylvia loves to garden, grow her own food, spend time with her faithful dog and friends, practice varied forms of Yoga, and volunteer for the Buffalo Field Campaign.
 Sara Roeder, The Women's Club Massage Therapist Sarah Roeder
Sarah has practiced Holistic Massage Therapy since 1999.  She is a registered member of the American Massage Therapy Association who has earned her 500 Yoga Instructor Certification.  “I believe that our bodies need strengthening from the inside out,” says Sarah.  “Developing core strength in the pelvis and deep belly is needed in most western bodies.  Make sure your heart and stamina are healthy with cardio, but love your bones too with strength training.”  If she could perpetually play outside, she would.  Sarah also loves gourmet cooking with her husband.
Sara Trotchie, Massage Therapist at Missoula's Best Gym, The Women's Club Sara Trotchie
Sara is a Reiki Master and also licensed in deep tissue, prenatal, foot reflexology, and swedish massage.  She likes to say, "Movement is life!"  When she's not pampering TWC women, Sara enjoys hiking, camping, reading, listening to music, and spending time with her dog, Sunny. 
 Deanne Wittkop Deanne Wittkopp
Deanne is licensed and trained in all areas of nail care, along with facial/body waxing.  She encourages women to find activities that they love and surround themselves with others who have common interests.  “Try something new.  You might just learn something new about yourself,” she says.  When she’s not making nails beautiful, Deanne enjoys her children who are active in sports, hiking, biking, roller blading, winter sports, and camping.

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